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Gravity Forms – Assign a file upload to an Advanced Custom Fields file field : WordPress Code Snippet

The following makes use of the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Addon and handles adding a file from a specific Gravity Forms file field to the an Advanced Custom Fields post created by the plugin. You could also look to… Read more
WordPress Snippet

Outputting a Post Excerpt : WordPress Code Snippet

A simple helper function that I use in most WordPress websites to output a short description or summary of a post. This will use the post excerpt content in full if it has been defined for the post, or return… Read more
WordPress Snippet

Output Users of a Specific Role in the Yoast Sitemap : WordPress Code Snippet

The following code will only return authors of a specific role from the generated Yoast XML sitemap. In the example, users of the 'editor' role are returned. Add the following to your functions.php file: /** * Filter Yoast authors -… Read more
WordPress Snippet

Custom WP_Query SQL WHERE Clause using posts_where : WordPress Code Snippet

There may be times when you need to add to the WHERE clause within a WP_Query call for additional SQL filtering that cannot easily be achieved via the standard parameters. The following is a simple example that passes through a… Read more