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Outputting a Post Excerpt : WordPress Code Snippet

A simple helper function that I use in most WordPress websites to output a short description or summary of a post. This will use the post excerpt content in full if it has been defined for the post, or return… Read more
Robert Kinsella Arkay Digital

Full Time to Freelance: Taking the Leap, 2 years on

My freelance journey started at age 35. I didn't have a long term plan to go freelance, in fact it all happened very quickly. By very quickly, I mean that I was looking to move on from my employed role… Read more
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Output Users of a Specific Role in the Yoast Sitemap : WordPress Code Snippet

The following code will only return authors of a specific role from the generated Yoast XML sitemap. In the example, users of the 'editor' role are returned. Add the following to your functions.php file: /** * Filter Yoast authors -… Read more

Virtual Cycling Setup for Winter Indoor Training

I've been a fan of virtual cycling for a while, albeit an inconsistent rider in using the turbo trainer. My experiences have mostly been through Zwift, which is great and helped in initially convince me to buy my first smart… Read more
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Custom WP_Query SQL WHERE Clause using posts_where : WordPress Code Snippet

There may be times when you need to add to the WHERE clause within a WP_Query call for additional SQL filtering that cannot easily be achieved via the standard parameters. The following is a simple example that passes through a… Read more